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This is a mod for Grand Theft Auto V that aims to bring the Gun Gale Online experience into GTA V. It started as a basic script but with time we have added more and more functions from the anime.



  • Drop all of the compressed files into your scripts folder.


For editing the configuration files, we recommend Visual Studio Code.

Enabling and Disabling the Hud or Inventory

  • Open GGO/Inventory.json or GGO/Hud.json
  • Change enabled to false

Inventory Items and Weapons

Please note that the maximum of Weapons is 5 and for items is 13 (15 is possible, but the last 2 get hiden when a weapon is equiped).

  • Get the hash of your desired Item or Weapons from here
  • Open GGO/Inventory.json with a text editor
  • You are going to see two lists: weapons and items, add the new item or replace an existing one



  • Initial Release


  • NEW: Added support for jedijosh920's Dual Wield
  • NEW: Added squad information for characters during missions (thanks SirBackenbart, ikt and Dot. for the help!)
  • FIX: The images now are hidden in the pause menu and during the game load
  • FIX: Secondary weapon is now showing up correctly
  • FIX: The icons are now loaded from the Assembly, allowing the same image to be drawn more than once
  • FIX: The Health Bar does not go into negative during the "Wasted" screen is open (thanks SirBackenbart for the report!)


  • NEW: Code and Configuration has been refactored (in other words, rewriten)
  • NEW: Removed support for jedijosh920's Dual Wield
  • NEW: Added dead ped markers


  • FIX: The script no longer crashes while looking at a dead ped
  • FIX: Some enemy peds no longer show up as friendly


  • FIX: Added some speed tweaks, GGOV should no longer cut the framerate on high end systems
  • FIX: The image of the icons is now correctly centered
  • FIX: Now the processing of images should not slow down the game during intense fights
  • NEW: Added configuration option to disable the dead markers
  • NEW: Added debug logging (for development reasons)
  • NEW: Added vehicle information over the player information, there is an option to disable it if you want the vanilla Gun Gale Online environment


  • FIX: The friendly check is now done two-way, removing the "enemies show as friendly" problems
  • NEW: Added configuration option to disable the squad members
  • NEW: Added configuration option to disable the radar


  • NEW: The mod now uses a single DLL file (without counting the JSON parser)
  • NEW: Configuration file renamed from GGO.Shared.json to GGO.Hud.json
  • FIX: The weapon image should be now correctly centered


  • NEW: The Configuration system has been reworked, THE PREVIOUS CONFIGURATION FILES ARE NO LONGER COMPATIBLE!
  • NEW: Added inventory system (used inventory from the Psycho LLENN episode as base)
  • NEW: Updated Newtonsoft.Json from 11.0.2 to 12.0.1
  • NEW: Added weapon images for The Arena Wars update
  • NEW: The weapons images now use the Enum value instead of the internal name
  • FIX: You no longer get a shit ton of peds inside of the nightclub (requires After Hours SP by jedijosh920)
  • FIX: Now you don't get FPS drops because of the ped checks
  • FIX: The image drawing time has been reduced
  • FIX: We no longer copy the UI images while the script is running


  • NEW: Added more default items to fill the empty spaces
  • NEW: You can now hide your current weapon/change to your fists by clicking the current weapon
  • NEW: Added option to automatically give the items and weapons when the script starts
  • NEW: Added option to remove the weapons and items that are not part of the inventory
  • FIX: The Flare Gun no longer shows ammo and magazines left
  • FIX: We now show infinite ammo for melee weapons


  • NEW: Added C# API, so other developers can add Squad Info, Player Info or Inventory Items with custom behaviour
  • NEW: Added Example for the API (Squad and Player Info only, not part of the final product)
  • NEW: Added exclusive mode so other developers can use the squad section for important information
  • NEW: Merged the Hud and Inventory scripts/classes into a single one called GGO
  • NEW: Bumped .Net Framework requirement from 4.7.1 to 4.7.2
  • NEW: The list of Squad Names is now public (other developers can add, remove or replace them)
  • NEW: The Inventory Ammo and Magazine now need to have "Item" at the start (Ammo32ACP.png becomes ItemAmmo32ACP.png)


  • NEW: Now developers can change the color of the health bars
  • NEW: Reduced number of default inventory items so developers have space to add new ones
  • FIX: The script no longer crashes when the player is out of a vehicle